Appraisal Information

Thank you for your interest in my father, Elton Bennett. My name is Barbara Bennett Parsons, and I hope that the following information will answer any questions you have about the value & conditions which affect the value of your Elton Bennett original silkscreen art work. If you are interseted in purchasing either originals or reproduction prints, please go to my online store. Do you own an Elton Bennett print, and are you interested in knowing what its' value is? We will do our best to help you through the process of determining the condition, which is what value is based upon.

The first and most important step is to remove the print from the frame. The appraisal can continue only after this is done. Many of my fathers' prints were framed more than 25 years ago. The framing practices and materials were much different than those which are now available. The framers of that time frequently trimmed some of the white border area of the paper. The paper should measure 19"x25". A common practice was to trim the print down to 18"x24", so that it would fit into a ready made frame. If your print has been cut to 18"x24", then the value has been reduced by 1/2. If the print has been trimmed so that the white border is missing entirely, the value is often no more than $250.00.

The next vital consideration is how the print has been mounted in the mat/frame. The best possible method involves corner mounts, much like photograph corners, which hold the art in place without any adhesive coming in contact with the paper. If your print has been glued down onto the backing, or glued to the mat, the value drops to $200.00. It is sometimes possible for an art restoration professional to meticulously separate the glue from the print. We recommend that you consult with a restorer to find out what the chances are of your print being successfully un-mounted.

There are other types of damage which can sometimes be repaired by restoration. For instance, older artwork has often come in contact with acidic materials. The result is a yellowing and discoloration of the paper, which in turn affects the colors in the art itself. The acids continue to migrate through the paper unless they are stopped.

Another common practice in years past was the use of non-glare glass. Not only does it 'fuzz' the image- distorting the clarity- it also allows harmful light to burn the paper. You will see a distinct demarcation of yellow on the paper where this glass has been. If your print was not framed with glass at all, then chances are that it has been glued down. The saddest cases are those where the print has not only been glued down, but trimmed as well. The value in this instance is $200.00.

Marks on the print, such as scuffs, abrasions, or cracks in the paint reduce the value by 33%. A tear more than 1/2" long in the paper, creases, gouges, or mildew (known as 'foxing'- shows up as dark yellow spots) decrease the value by 66%. If you have been able to have the print professionally restored and the paper measures 19'x25', the value will be increased back to 75% of the cost of an equivalent print in pristine condition. If the print is in perfect and pristine condition, having never been framed at all or been fortunate enough to have been framed in archival, museum quality materials, signed, titled, and measuring 19"x25", then it has full value.

If you do not see the title of your print listed below, please call me, Barbara at 360-532-3235 and tell me what the title is so that I can give you the starting value. Please do not call to ask if I wish to sell or purchase your silkscreen print.

The prices listed are for unframed, never framed, perfect condition original hand-pulled silkscreen prints.

Around The Cape $1,400.00

The Back Hills $1,300.00

Bright Water $2,800.00

Chenois Creek $1,600.00

Distant Shore $1,400.00

Down To The Sea $2,900.00

Driftwood Fire $1,200.00

Ebb Tide $1,400.00

Faith, Hope, and Charity $2,800.00

Ferns $1,200.00

Ferns (Vertical) $1,600.00

Flood Tide $1,500.00

Fog On The Bay $1,400.00

Forest Of Spars $1,900.00

Graduating Class $1,800.00

Hail and Farewell $1,800.00

Hurrying Feet $2,000.00

If Winter Comes $1,400.00

The Indian Coast $2,600.00

Journey Into Silence $1,400.00

Lands' End $1,700.00

Morning On The River $1,500.00

The Mountain $1,200.00

Offshore Wind $1,200.00

Olympus $1,500.00

Outward Bound $1,300.00

Plant Forms $1,300.00

The Quiet Place $1,500.00

Rain On The River $2,000.00

Rendezvous $1,100.00

The Returning $1,200.00

Return To The River $1,300.00

The Roaring Forties $1,400.00

Sea Birds Cry (#1) $2,100.00

Sea Birds Cry (#2) $2,200.00

The Sea Folk $2,600.00

The Sea Hostage $1,400.00

The Sea Road $1,600.00

The Sea Watch $1,400.00

The Squall $2,600.00

Steam Schooner $1,700.00

Steelhead Weather $1,600.00

Storm Coast $1,500.00

The Sentinal $2,600.00

The Tall Ship $1,800.00

They Speak By Silence $1,700.00

The Tramp $2,200.00

Valley Of Time $2,600.00

The Watchers $1,500.00

The Wave $1,800.00

The Wayfarers $1,600.00

The Web $1,500.00

The West Wind $1,300.00

Whisper of Wind $1,500.00